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scuba excursions

Dive with The #1 Scuba Diving Operation in Costa Maya along the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world! Our Beach Resort and Dive Operation is located only 5-15 minutes from some of the best dive sites in the world! This area of the Meso-American Barrier Reef offers an endless mountain range of coral reef, with numerous finger formations providing vast canyons and incredible diving.

Our dives take you to a depth of 50-80ft along an endless mountain of coral, where Turtles, Dolphins, Spotted Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, spectacular sponge formations, and a vast variety of colorful tropical fish await.
Our dive boat departs in the morning at 9:30am and returns after the first dive for a relaxing surface interval at the estate. This will allow you time to order lunch from the restaurant, and lounge by the pool or on the private beach. The boat departs at 12noon on the short journey to your second dive along this incredible barrier reef. There is also a 2:30 departure so in case your ship arrives too late for the 9:30am dive you can take the 12noon and 2:30pm excursions. 
(These are typical schedules, but we do adjust to your ships schedule)

Following your second dive you will be brought back to the estate where you can enjoy the rest of your day at this incredible location. Walk along the deserted palm fringed beach, or enjoy the tropical drinks available at the bar or simply relax on the beach or by the fresh water swimming pool. The choice is yours!

Maya Palms Intro Scuba Excursion: $105USD

(Certification Card Required)
  • 1 to 2 boat dives
  • Pool Access
  • Beach Lounging Chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Bar and Restaurant (A La Carte)>
  • Private Resort Getaway
  • Add $10 per scuba rental item (reg, computer, BCD, wetsuit, mask/fins/snorkel set)
  • Add $20 per person for Divemaster
  • Add $10 for unlimited Beverages
  • Add $10 for Mexican Platter

Maya Palms 'Discover Diving' Excursion: $140

(No Prior Experience Necessary)
  • 1 boat dive
  • All Scuba Gear
  • Beverages Included!
  • Mexican Platter Included!
  • Private Resort Getaway
  • Free WiFi
Your Scuba Diving Certification Card will be requested prior to diving unless you are on the 'Discover DIving' excursion. Please have your card with you! We recommend bringing sunscreen, towels and an underwater camera. Book early to insure availability.
RESERVATIONS: 1-888-843-3483
Mon-Fri: 10am-6:30pm • Sat: 10am-3pm (CST)

Advanced Open Water Classes

The PADI advanced Open Water Class is designed to provide additional training and experience to those who already have their PADI open water diver certificate. Classroom training and a test will be followed by a series of training dives and you will receive your Advanced Open Water Certification. This is the next step in your SCUBA training and is highly recommended if you desire to dive for years to come. It is a chance to re-familiarize yourself with SCUBA equipment and you will receive essential core training to ensure your safety and enjoyment on all future dives.

Adventure Scuba Class

The Adventure Scuba Class is designed to provide someone without prior experience in SCUBA with enough training to safely conduct a shallow open water reef dive. We will train you for a couple hours in our pool and shoreline, than we will take you out in the boat for a one tank reef dive. Take this first step and there is every chance that you will find a new passion that will last for the rest of your life. You will always remember this first dive!

PLEASE NOTE: All classes are provided on-demand so please call early to ensure availability!

Dive master Classes

This is a two week long coarse during which you will earn multiple certifications culminating in a PADI Dive Master Certification. Rigorous training and multiple dives will require that you study and practice the information provided in the classroom and texts. You will demonstrate proficiency in Primary First Aid/CPR and many specialty diving skills. If you want to pursue a career in diving or simply want to achieve a high level of training in your diving hobby than please call us about our Dive Master Certification Coarse. Why study in a cold and/or landlocked classroom when you can spend two weeks in the Caribbean diving some of the best reefs in the world?

scuba F.A.Q's

What water temperatures should I expect? 
A: Water temperatures range from the upper 70s in the winter to as high as 85 degrees in the summer. 

What are the average dive depths?
A: There are a lot of sloping walls and second-step walls, allowing divers to choose their own profiles. While the wall goes down below 1,000 feet, some of the best reefs and fish life are in 50 feet of water or less. Deep dives are usually between 80 and 100 feet, but these depths are not necessary as there's lots to see above 70 feet.

What is the typical daily dive schedule?
A: We try to vary the diving. Most days we explore the reefs to the north and south of Maya Palms with over 50 dives sites within 10-20 minute boat ride.. The sites and schedule depend on weather conditions, the size of the group, and divers' requests. 

What is the local diving like? 
A: The worlds second largest Barrier Reef lies at our doorstep just 400 yards off shore! We take divers to the inshore reefs both north and south of the resort, which has a unique spur and groove coral formation with deep canyon grooves. Water depth inside the shallow reef is 6-30 feet (meter), with depths on the outer barrier reef ranging from 30 to over 200 feet. Visibility varies with weather conditions but is generally between 60 to 100+ feet. The shallow reef is fantastic for snorkeling, and kayaks are available for doing shore diving. You can even obtain a Kayak dive specialty in one day.

Is rental gear available? 
A: Yes, we have Mares and Sherwood BCs, regulators, dive computers, and wetsuits for rent $10per day per item, as well as masks, snorkels, and fins $10 per set. 

Is night diving available? 
A: We schedule night dives on our inshore reef once or twice a week. $65 per diver.

How hot will it be? 
A: The climate in the southern Yucatan is definitely warm, with winter temperatures generally in the 80s and summer temperatures in the 90s, however, there's almost always a sea breeze that makes it comfortable along our coast. And, our villas are air-conditioned , so you can get out of the heat.

Are bugs a problem? 
A: There are few bugs. We have a fairly steady sea breeze along our coast, which tends to keep the bugs down, and they're really no problem when the breeze dies down. While this doesn't happen often, you'll want to bring repellent for the times when it does. 

What about rain? 
A: The wet season runs from May through October. Short daytime showers are typical during this period, but generally they don't hamper diving. The dry season runs from November through April, hurricane season from August through November. The average incidence of hurricanes in this part of the Yucatan is once every ten years.

When are the sea conditions optimal? 
A: Diving the Barrier Reef is year-round much as it is in Cozumel. During the winter occasional northerners blow in. which can affect the diving for a few days. Summer months generally have light winds and provide optimal sea conditions. March and April are our windiest months, but we still dive whenever the port is open.. Water temperatures over the course of the year range from the upper 70s in the winter to as high as 85 degrees in the summer.

What is refund policy on missed dives?
A: At Maya Palms our goal is to maximize your diving experience. Dive days are scheduled consecutively from the first day you arrive. For example, if you are here for 7 nights and have 4 dive days, your dives are scheduled the first four full days you are here. Why? If Port closes due to sea conditions early in the week not allowing diving, we have the opportunity to make up (re-schedule) your missed dives later in the week. If it is impossible (due to Port closure) for us to make up (re-schedule) your missed dive days, we arrange a refund of $60 (2tanks),$20 (1tank) per dive day. However, if you choose not to dive on a re-scheduled dive day, Maya Palms is not responsible for those missed dives. Note: If Port is open, that constitutes a dive day. We recommend Dan Trip Insurance to cover this.

Dives are scheduled at prescribed times if you are not at the dive shop in plenty of time to be prepared to board the dive boat for the scheduled departure. You forfeit the dive and there are no refunds for missed dives due to tardiness.
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